Movement Mix

This class offers ‘a bit of everything’. The class is always varied, I incorporate Yoga, Fitness Pilates, Suspension straps, resistance and strength training, low impact HIIT and Tabata training. We use small equipment such as foam rollers, small pilates balls, light dumbbells and resistance bands. This is a fun yet challenging class set to upbeat music.

Gentle Flow Yoga

A lovely flowing Vinyasa style class to explore movement and breath. We move / flow from one pose to another using the breath, concentration and body awareness to improve strength throughout the whole body, improve balance, deepen your own practice, relieve stress and anxiety and connect mind and body. Explore this class to find time for yourself and focus on your health and wellbeing.

Rest, Relax & Restore

A slow, gentle paced style of yoga, all floor based aims towards those who want to chillout, peri-menopause, Menopause, stress, burn out, chronic fatigue, beginners, and those wanting gentle deep stretching. During the class we work with breathing techniques and mindfulness. This class is ideal for those not able to do stronger styles of yoga. With the use of props to support and enhance each pose to sppport the body and encourages you to adapt a meditative relaxed state whilst performing the poses. Rest, Relax & Restore aims to support mental and physical wellbeing, soothing the nervous system. Suitable for all abilities.